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Squadron Patch Heraldry

Squadron Patch Heraldry: Surrounded by a border of Or, with a two color background or Azure (sinister chief) and Gules (dexter base), bisected from dexter-chief to sinister. In the dexter field is a two color globe of Sable and Argent. At the base is an Argent scroll below the base contains the phrase “READY DAY OR NIGHT” in Sable. In the dexter base are the Arabic characters “96TH”. From the Base to the sinister field stands a Tenné dog with a headset figure. In the sinister chief there are Argent lightning bolts emanating from the dogs raised tail. 

As the 96th was one of the key ground SAR units in Ohio, the nickname of the unit (as you may remember) was the SAR Dogs. The motto “Ready Day or Night” related to our ability to be deployed in any environment. The globe shown in the design also represented the day and night. The dog is the same character created by Walt Disney for Civil Air Patrol (looks a lot like Pluto). This also references the SAR Dog nickname as he is sniffing the ground in search of something, plus wearing a headset and picking up a transmission via his tail, alluding to receiving an ELT signal from a downed aircraft. The shield colors relate to the same colors seen on various CAP SAR patches.

Squadron Patch Designed By: Lt Col Christopher Smith, CAP & 1st Lt Bill Krause, CAP

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